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camera stopped working since recent update


Zoom forced an update on me today. Since then it fails to recognise my video camera and asks me to pick a different one from settings. Neither camera nor settings have changed since the update. It works perfectly fine in Zoom and Skype. The camera is a Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920. Any suggestions on how to get Zoom to do its job again?



I have the same problem. Did the update on my Mac and now my external camera doesn't work. Works fine on other Mac programs but no longer on zoom.  In trying to figure out the problem I saw a message that zoom isn't compatible with my OS. I gather this means I have no choice but to update my OS.  Not a problem for me but for some this will literally mean buying a new computer if their hardware won't support the latest version of the OS. 


Also, I got a security message when logging into a meeting this morning (when I discovered the external camera doesn't work) saying it was the first time I launching the application called zoom and was I sure I wanted to proceed. This struck me as odd and then boom, the camera was a scrambled / garbled image.


Is there a way to revert to the previous version of zoom?


Have the same issue. No one seems to have an answer.  I have no video and or sound. Happened right after the latest update.


I am having the same issue. Since the update, Zoom no longer recognizes monitor's built-in camera. Worked fine before the update (PC running Windows 10). Zoom needs to fix the issue.