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I have an institutional account, and we have an upcoming conference which we are now hosting online.


I am thinking of having three breakout rooms throughout, in which will be different presentations; is it possible to give someone in the breakout room the ability to share their screen, so we can have different talks going on in different rooms?


Many thanks for your help



Hi @conorbroughton 


You cannot give Screen Sharing permission to someone specific. You either have to enable it for everyone, or just for Host/Co-Hosts. Making someone a Co-Host would give them Co-Host of the entire Meeting - not just the Breakout Rooms.

Hi Rupert, thanks.

If that's done (3 cohosts made), would there be able to be 3 different presentations in different breakout rooms simultaneously?

Hi @conorbroughton 


If a Co-Host is in each Breakout Room, then yes.



On that note, is it possible to enable that automatically?  We consistently have breakout rooms with screen sharing - but I consistently forget to enable it for everyone, which wastes precious time.  Can that be added as a function in settings?