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account confusion


I have had an account for several years under ***********....owner Mac Gervan & Associates Ltd....

This email address 'reports' to ***********( the actual email address) and if I need to reset my password etc, when I use *********** it often take 10-15 minutes for google to check my secondary account so often by then my time has expired and I cannot change password etc....

So...I tried to change my email address on account to *********** ended up with 2 accounts , one *********** is a pro account and the other an hour restricted account...and I can't seem to keep them straight and have people having trouble checking in and then get limited to 1 hour...

So, the simplest solution would be to get rid of the ***********, but would prefer to use this account from now on...

Any suggestions??? can I switch my pro membership to the other email address??


if it is near end of my year subscription, should I cancel the *********** and upgrade the other address???

---I use my computer and my ipad for zooming...


can you help me here


mac gervan