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Zoom video processing is distorting participant video


For the previous several months - since Nov/Dec 2022 - the video of our Host was sometimes distorted and images of other participants were showing over the Host's video.

Previously the issue was restricted to the image of the meeting Host. Today, however, one of the meeting participant's video showed the strange blending of all the video images of all the participants.

I'm not sure how best to describe the issue, but it is clearly an issue within Zoom and not a local camera or local computer issue. This is clear because the distorted image flashes all the participants video feeds through the one participant video output to the meeting view.

Often the top 1/4 of that one screen appears similar to the top of my screen when someone is spotlite...

I am positive that this is an internal issue with Zoom, but I do not know how to contact them directly.

Any thoughts??


I put a collage image of 3 screen shots during our meeting. I've seen this happen to the Host's image recently and we all thought it was that computer. Today it happened to a participant's video. Clearly it is not a local issue because other video feeds are being put over that one participant...

Thank you.



Hi, As host,  mine is doing the same. the videos of the other participants are overlaid on my 'box' and it flashes between all the participants. the more the participants, the quicker the flashes or flickering. i have tried using different meeting numbers to no change. so this has happened 4 consecutive times. i think, since zoom updated itself on my account. i also don't know how to contact zoom to sort it. a participant has suggested wiping zoom off my lap top and down loading it again, but as a paid up host, i don't want to lose what i have paid for.

i will keep searching to find a contact number, or email for uk. good luck with yours.


I'm having the same issues☹️

hi , i managed to get hold of some support with an email and it should be sorted now. whilst i thought that oom had updated itself a few weeks ago, it seemed that it hadn't. the support desk person could see that it hadn't. so the advice was to go on the open zoom, go to the icon for my profile (you may have a picture) drop down menu to the title, updates, and click on that. if there is an update to be done, then zoom will update. which it did. i think zoom closed and when i opened again, it carried on updating, and then i think it was ok.  when i got it back on again, i tested it with joining zoom from another unit, and it seems to have cured it. so try this and good luck. so, the zoom host may be able to contact the support centre, get a 'ticket,' and wait for a support email, if this above doesn't work. i can't tell you where to find that 'ticket' as i looked in various places and can't remember where i found it. hope it works, good luck sue w