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Zoom - over and OUT???


I was introduced to Zoom many years back and have used it for 'personal' meetings occasionally every since. All was good until about a year+ ago - when I could NOT connect with what used to have been a 'normal' meeting before. The problem turned out to be the 'app' (Zoom) that I had been using all along had been replaced by a newer 'default' - zoomeetings (or some such). After I figured that out, and was able to select from 'other apps' (picking original 'zoom' choice) I was happily back on track.


Today I tried to join a zoom ('webinar'?) meeting and could NOT find any 'app' choice like before. In fact the selection option sent me to my Files looking for something that Zoom figured I had there. No joy.


I am NOT a 'mobile' user nor wish to be. Yes I am a 'free' (aka Basic) user so understand why Zoom could care less about me and my usage since I'm not paying into Zoom. However, the reality is that there ARE other live chat options and if Zoom does not care if I can participate in (Zoom) webinars for their PAYING members, then so be it.


IF Zoom would be so kind as to have an 'APP' referral reference page - explaining which app needed for what meeting. perhaps I and others can continue to use Zoom. Otherwise its so long time.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @KAATS.


Zoom has done a lot of upgrading over the last couple of years, so if your previous program was way out of date, I can see where it might not have been able to update itself.


Download the current Zoom Desktop app for Windows or Mac (depending on your device).  There's only one app, and it does all of the variations of Zoom, including Zoom Meetings, Zoom Webinars, and even Zoom Phone and Zoom Team Chat, should you choose to use them.


This link automatically downloads the appropriate installer app for any device: 


This Zoom Support article has more information about various types of installation options... but don't make it any harder than it needs to be: just install one. You can open any Zoom Meeting, Webinar, Session, or Conference Lobby with that app!

Welcome to the new Zoom.  Let me know how it goes!

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Thank you Ray. I do wish that instead of an 'error!' note when an app is either not functioning or available, a LINK would help a person to 'reload' the app! Until one actually LOOKS to see if there is an app (where? on computer??) how does one know if the (previous) app is either gone or not functioning?


There is way too much assumption that everyone is using a 'current' app and esp. on a mobile device. I use Linux and that is so not assumed when it comes to support.


Will see if a new app does the trick. Thanks again 🙂