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Zoom not responding on Windows 8.1


On my Windows 8.1 computer, when I enter a zoom meeting, my name comes up, camera is on, and an error message appears " Zoom not responding". Computer screen freezes and It sits this way for minutes (and then finally connects with my microphone and camera fully working.  Seems to happen every time I join a meeting.  


Community Champion

Hello @rpal,
My name is Brandon. Thanks for joining the Zoom Community! This appears to be the CPU or processor possibly is not able to handle all of the processes that are running on your Windows OS machine. Please check to see that you are not running too many processes at one time. You can check this by pressing ctrl-alt-delete simultaneously and checking to see if your CPU is running at a nominal speed. If not, then maybe drop some processes that are not needed while joining your Zoom Meeting, and you should be able to connect with no issues. The other issue could be that your wifi or internet connection bandwidth is being used up by other devices in your home, not leaving you Windows OS enough resources to connect to the internet. 

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CPU is operating at 2 %.  .8GHZ.
Only other programs running at the time are gmail and yahoo mail
I can get on any other internet site.  When I click the URL to get to the Zoom meeting, The connection is made, my name shows up on the meeting screen, but the screen seems to be frozen (nothing else seems to work, ie: mute and video) my camera light is on but no picture on my screen, AND a message on the top of the screen saying "Zoom not Responding".  Sits this way for minutes 4 to 5 or so, and then with me doing nothing all of a sudden starts and everything works.