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Zoom lagging horribly (180% CPU usage, OSX 11.6.1, Intel Core i9)


Has Zoom been buggy for anyone else? Recently (last month) it's been slowing down for me, and today it got terrible. It was taking up 180% CPU on a meeting; I couldn't use any other processes on my computer and my audio and video were lagging.

This was a normal 3 person video meeting, paid account. OSX 11.6.1, Intel Core i9



I made a community account to come vote this: since the last update I am unable to host a zoom meeting because the whole system slows to a crawl to the point where I have to quit Zoom and use it on my phone. It seems to be ok when I am not the host. 


Up until the last update Zoom worked great


MacBook Pro 13-inch 2017

2.3 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5

This is key:  Not The Host.

400% CPU utilization on a macbookpro 2015 running 12.7 ...and running nothing else.  Safemode runs fine but of course no [non-apple] kernel extensions... and no camera capability so.. kinda hard to test that.

This is a major problem


I've exactly the same issue. And I don't have a workaround. Do you have any?


I've been having the same problem and don't know how to fix it

I found a fix by getting the batteries in my MBP replaced; the originals were faulty. Since the new ones, the problem hasn't recurred, although I've only used it occasionally for Zoom after that, as I got a Mac Studio.


I'm having the same issue here.



 I have exactly the same problem. Computer becomes almost useless until the end of the call.

I use the blur background feature which used to work fine.
I use Zoom version: 5.11.11 (10514)

Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 10.28.12 AM.png


I am having the same issue with Zoom on my 2020 Macbook Air, i7 chip, 16 GB ram, 1 T hard drive with less than half used.  In Activity Monitor, kernel_task goes from %CPU of 4.0 up to more than 500 when I try to use Zoom for a meeting I am hosting.  Spinning rainbow wheel, have to do a hard shutdown.  I have tried Google Meet and get the same behavior.  Apple Support blames Zoom, but it is seems to be an Apple problem, if Google Meet causes it, too.

We saw this same problem a couple times, with G-meet during the "Lock Downs" but haven't seen the problem outside of zoom for more than two years.  It started happening on a regular basis (e.g.: ALL THE TIME) just in the past week (per this posting).


Well you just have to be patient turn off and on your system it might a minor problem 


It happens over and over agaih.  I turn off the system, restart, and it happens again.  Apple blames Zoom, but it happens with Google Meet as well.  So it seems to be an Apple problem, and evidently I am not the only person experiencing it.

And it doesn't happen on my iPad.  The problem there is that the iPad doesn't show as many participants as the computer screen, and it has other limitations.


Ok it’s ok try using the computer probably the team are working on the iPad connections 


Zoom hanging a lot during meetings since last 20 odd days.


First thing first, is anyone really looking into this ? Because, I haven't seen any responses yet or someone taking this seriously.


Configuration : 
MacBook Pro Intel-i7 and 32GB RAM

OS: Ventura 13.1


Attaching the zoom process CPU  snapshot for the reference.


Same issue....everything slows down on MacBook Pro 2019.  It become next to unusable.  We are looking a alternatives.  My 2013 MacBook had no issues.  This has twice the RAM and twice the storage, so if it is not occurring on PCs then it is an Apple issue.



Has there been any solution?

I am on a MacBook Pro 2017, i7, 16GB Ram, it becomes unusable.

My solution was to take my MBP to an Apple certified repair place. They diagnosed that the batteries were faulty and replaced them. The problem went away for me after that... No solution in the tweaking settings realm in afraid.


I'm using Zoom v5.16.2 (22807) (latest) on Windows 11 and it makes my computer virtually unusable.


I've used Zoom to present a lot over the years, but haven't used it for 6+ months.  I have a very powerful computer (64 bit Asus, 64 GB RAM, 16 CPUs etc.) with Windows 11 (with all the latest updates). 


I upgraded to the latest zoom release before presenting and my computer starts to crawl, everything was very slow. 


After a reboot I noticed it happened again when I was loading Zoom and existing it, and also when in a meeting (it was almost impossible to end the meeting).

My computer is not as powerful, but still pretty decent and Zoom used to run very well.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



Zoom uses cookies and cache that can become corrupt.


There is an uninstaller  for OSX built into the Zoom desktop client. Windows users can use the Clean Zoom exe to complete uninstall Zoom as well. 

If corrupted cache or cookies are the issue this may help.



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Thanks for the reply but:

  1. Uninstall + Clean + rein stall latest didn't make a difference
  2. The zoom uninstall clears your settings (what a piece of garbage, I'm only using zoom as I have to).