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Zoom integration with a custom web application



We are using a custom web application. which allows to create workshops. after creating a workshop it is possible to invite users via email.

in the workshop the creator can add also a link to the meeting. currently we did an integration, when the user creates an event, there is a “zoom” button, when clicking, automatically a link is created and sent to the users who are invited to the workshop.

when entering via that link we experience issues. either it is not possible to share the screen, or all users who joint the zoom meeting have the same name.

ideally we want to integrate it in a way that when users join the meetings, they do not have such barriers.

from business point of view it will ideal when whoever created the workshop the meeting is generated via his/her zoom account, and hence, has the same privileges/access levels (.e.g paid vs. unpaid).

the main requirement here is when the workshop is created and users log in, they do not have any limitations (of course depending on the account type), i.e. all participants can share the screen, the names are displayed correctly, etc.