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Zoom doesnt work with gaming machines


Hi all,

I've had multiple different laptops (all on Windows 11), with different manufacturers, and zoom crashes on all of them. Windows freeze, it shuts itself down & reopens again about once every 20 minutes...

I have a friend who has a desktop (gaming orientated), who experiences the same issues, so it's not laptop-specific.

Machines are rock-stable on everything else, so it's just a Zoom-centric issue. Is there a known issue with machines using NVIDIA drivers?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

+1. I have also experienced this on a 'gaming' machine (Win10x64 desktop with high-end CPU, NVIDIA 30xx GPU, tons of RAM, used for production/editing). 

Also curious to hear what others have done to remedy. Have you tested disabling hardware acceleration, messing around with capture/encode drivers, etc?