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Zoom Trolling me re setting date settings to DD/MM/YYYY


I put in a feedback regarding the recent change that means only american date settings work in the app. This is a change that recently happened and lots of people are complaining, all the countries that use DD/MM/YYYY in fact (spoiler alert there are quite a few.)  Anyway this is the reply I got:

---- On Fri, 20 Jan 2023 14:37:21 +1300 Zoom Community <removed the no-reply email address> wrote ---

Hi Alirat153,


peach61 (Observer) posted a new reply in Meetings on 2023-01-19 05:37 PM :



Re: How to Change Date Format to dd/mm/yyyy



Would you believe that, having submitted a ticket to Zoom asking them to fix this problem with the date format, I received a response from them saying they have "...added your request to our feature request list for our product development and engineering teams to consider for future development."  As if this is some fancy new feature that a random bunch of Zoom users are interested in!!  I have written back and said "it's not a feature request, it's a fix-the-problem-you-created request" but I have no doubt the AI at the other end of the conversation will struggle to grasp the problem. 


If you are affected by this date format change and you are a paid subscriber, PLEASE submit a ticket to Zoom asking them to fix the issue their latest update created. 



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