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Hi All, 

I constantly encounter feedback from my users that many still can hear the original audio even though they have selected the designated language channel in Zoom for over a 300pax meeting. 

My user also tried muted the "original sound" inside the language option, but this is still noticeable when the speaker talking. Anyone have a fix or idea on this? 

As i verified most of the users always using the latest version of Zoom (5.7.4). This issue happen since July & Aug. Not sure if anything can be troubleshoot?


Secondly, is there a way to have  Interpreters to have 2 way audio to communicate in the main room rather for the host to stop all Interpreters function and unassigned them? As i'm aware, once interpreters assigned, they will be so called in an isolate room/channel and people in the main room will not be able to hear them talking unless the user selected to join in different language. This also needed Interpreters to use 2 devices to join in to monitor their translation in the main room and the other on the interpreting room. 


Please advise. Thank you.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @Juntaro7, it's been some time since you've posted this, hope all is well! An interpreter in the channel will hear the original meeting audio which they can translate. Interpreters only have access to the language channel they have been assigned to. Participants in a language channel will hear the translated audio and also the original audio at a lower volume.


I believe only attendees can switch between audio channels during the meeting.


I would attempt to update your Zoom client to the latest version to see if your issues have been resolved. 


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Hi Juntaro7.

I understand where you are coming from with the issue of meeting/attendees  hearing the speaker at the same level as the Interpreter and not being able to mute the original sound - as I have seen this issue multiple times. It happens on ZOOM and other Video Conferencing Systems with Interpretation as well.


This problem occurs when the Host of the meeting switches the Interpretation on and makes himself one of the Interpreters. This combination messes up the mix minus and client application of the HOST causing his sound to go though onto the language channel as if he was an Interpreter. Therefore:

  1. the volume of the speaker is at the same level as the volume of the Interpreter
  2. the mute original sound does not work


Occasionally you can also get an Interpreter with faulty equipment that is allowing the original sound to "leak" back into the Interpretation channel - this will also give the same effect. This problem is easily identifiable as the effects manifest themselves only when one specific Interpreter has their mic active.


The second issue you raised is not available. We too have a second device with a back channel for internal communications between the meeting organizers, Interpreters and Panelists. This channel can be run on the same computer but requires more than average computer skills on the side of the Interpreter. It is easier for them to have a second device with an ear set to communicate on the second device - usually a tablet or mobile phone.


Give me a shout out if anything I have said needs clarification 🙂

Interpretation = live translation by people for people
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