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Zoom Glitching - can't click on anything, eventually crashes.


Hey everyone,


I've had this problem (very occasionally) where Zoom just won't really let me click on anything, keeps sort of glitching, if I can click on it, it takes a while to respond. My own picture seems to work okay and I can see everybody else's. But eventually just grinds to a halt and I get kicked out of the meeting (others telling me my video just freezes). It seemed to temporarily resolve itself when I came in and out of a breakout room. I remember it first happening way back in November 2020 so it's been around a while. I feel like it must be a Zoom issue if going in/out of a breakout room helps solve it, rather than a CPU / Memory problem - especially as it's SO occasional. But it really knocks everything out.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @dmorrell96, what version of Zoom are you on? Also, what device are you using? Would love to help! 

Hey hey! I'm on, nearly, the latest (5.9.3) but just updating to 5.9.6. But the issue has been present since 2020 so on much older versions. I'm on an Asus Zenbook UX325JA, 8GB of RAM, i5 Processor. Thanks in advance!