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Zoom Audio with Ecamm live virtual mic


Hi! I've been having problems with my audio in Zoom. People have been saying that my sound is weak (or weaker then normal). When I look into the Zoom audio settings, I can see that the audio level is low (even if I have the level at max). The problem seems to be the feed between Ecamm Virtual Mic and Zoom (I use Ecamm live to manage my video and audio output via their Victual Mic and Virtual Camera settings). I put my audio level in Ecamm to maximum. I am running my mic throught Loopback and into Ecamm Live, then to Zoom via the Ecamm Live Virtual Mic. Every level in on Max. So I don't understand why my audio level in low in Zoom. I have also in Zoom selected "Original sound ON". My microphone is a Rhode podcaster (a good quality mic). I am asking myself if Zoom is reducing the audio level somehow (even if I have desactivated the option) or if Ecamm is sending a strong enough single out via the Virtual Mic. I could bypass Ecamm and connect my Mic in Zoom directly, but this would prevent me from using other sound sources in Ecamm. I have done the updates. I wonder if it is the cause, because I didn't use the have this problem. Does anyone have this issue or ideas on fixing this? Thank you! )


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

If the volume is visually showing a low level in Zoom as you state, you need to get the Ecamm Virtual Mic to output a more suitable level - double check your gain structure at each point in the signal flow.


To oversimplify a complex subject, you should make sure that your gain is just lower than peaking when receiving the maximum expected volume at each stage. Do you have additional headroom on the Rode's mic level inside of Ecamm?


Long and short - Zoom needs a hotter signal than what you're feeding it.