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Windows 11 Audio Problems


I recently decided to upgrade to Windows 11 and have ever since been unable to use Zoom for anything. The problems have been extremely frustrating because nothing I've tried so far seems to fix it.


The problem:

Zoom says that it can not find the microphone or speakers, despite the fact that both are functioning fine (as tested in other programs such as Discord). I can get audio to play for a meeting, but I can not speak at all, the microphone shows no audio even when I test in the zoom audio settings menu, except on rare occasion it works for a few seconds before cutting back out again.


What I have tried:

I have confirmed that Windows 11 privacy settings allow access to the mic for zoom (in fact the OS even says that zoom is actively using the mic even while Zoom says it can't find one)

I have, as best I can, updated all drivers for everything on my laptop. I have even uninstalled the microphone in device manager and reinstalled it completely (part of the trouble here is this is a Razer 14 2021 laptop which has no drivers available from the manufacturer because they decided to only make them available through Windows itself).

I have uninstalled and reinstalled zoom multiple times.


Zoom version is 5.14.2 (14578)

Windows 11 version is 22H2

Laptop is a Razer 14" (2021), the only information I can find on the integrated mic is that it is an "Microphone Array (AMD Audio Device)" the driver is version 10.0.22621.1 which is dated to 5/6/2022, and Windows finds nothing more recent than that.



I have also tried disabling windows signal processing (from the advanced settings menu in zoom) and audio enhancements in the windows settings, as suggested in other threads.