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Website Launch - Lost and Need Help


Ok so we are launching our business on Jan 1 and as of right now we are a bit stuck.


We have a company creating our website and another company that is providing us with the backend structure for the services we provide.



Our company hosts virtual meetings, we have two types:


Type 1: Daily Meetings 

  1. Virtual Meeting that happens 5 times a day at set times and will be reoccurring.
    1. access to this meeting is dependent on a subscription the clients purchase


the company for the backend is Momence, the way they structured the code when you set up a reoccurring class(Meeting), is it asks for the Zoom stream link.



  1. Is this generated from using the Livestream part of Zoom id?
    1.  I assume this would only require 1 account because the times don’t overlap.
    2.  Zoom accounts are free if the meetings are under 40 minutes, the meetings that occurs daily are 20 and 40min so can I create a stream link without a paid plan?
    3.  If I do need a plan which works?


Type 2: 1 on 1 Meetings

  1. Virtual Meeting that is based on bookings with our staff members
    1. These meetings are non existent until someone chooses the staff member on the website/app


Momence does not have a way to integrate this in the backend, there role would be to facilitate the booking of the staff and collecting of the payment, after that we would need to generate an email that sends them the meeting link.



  1. Can this be accomplished in a way that doesn't require us purchasing accounts for every single staff member?
    1.  again these 1 on 1s are bought in 40min session times so if its possible to link a bunch of free accounts together could we do that?
    2.  If we do have to pay can we pay for a master and somehow have all the staff as sub accounts or something?
    3.  Is there a plan for this?


I spent 2 hours on the phone and was unable get anywhere with the various people i spoke to, just looking for some direction and ideas on how to accomplish our needs.





Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

For Scenario 1, you will need a Pro, Business, or Enterprise account in order to enable the livestreaming feature.

1 License should be sufficient if there is no overlap.


For scenario 2, a single license with the Concurrent Meeting Plus option could launch multiple meetings at once, but this would require a Business, Education, or Enterprise account, where the license minimum would be large enough for what you're looking to do as-is.

Using free accounts for this purpose is not a great look for a business (I do understand that it's a new business and saving money is paramount), as the 40-minute cutout is a hard one.


Always review Zoom's Terms of Service before attempting to use less/free licenses 'creatively'.

Zoom Sales should be able to assist with finding the best plan: