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Can't switch off background noise suppression


I just got a new computer, Windows 11 and cannot switch off the background noise suppression in audio settings. This means that when I use a meditation gong for group meetings, the gong cannot be heard. I tried music settings, original sound etc, but nothing works.  


Plus I can only find audio settings when I am in a meeting, not when I am just on my own profile. Perhaps this is normal, but I have been trying to change the settings when in a meeting context.


Any help appreciated. I saw that other users have had this problem too.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello. I have a Windows 11 computer. I've attached a screenshot. You may want to try Original Sound for musicians. This disables Zoom's noise suppression. Now, I changed it when I wasn't in a meeting. I opened the Zoom desktop app, clicked settings (gear icon), clicked Audio on the left menu. Please let me know if this works. 

Just tried this fix but it didn't work. Used to be that the gong would work with low noise suppression, but not anymore, and switching to sound for musicians didn't help either. Darn!

Ditto to Beany.  The 'Original Sounds for Musicians' is rubbish - must have a lot of automatic compression.  Tried the same scenario with MS Teams and simply turning off noise suppression worked exactly as advertised - I could hear the music and instruments I was trying to include in my Zoom call.  


Hi Kimenrica,

same with me. Bought a new computer with Windows 11 on it and now all original sound cannot made heard. It is the same on skype. With my old computer it worked perfectly!


I took back my new computer because nothing appeared to solve the problem. So I'm still working on my old one now. The shop and I tested loads of new laptops and couldn't get them to work with the gong/bell. Only a macbook worked. I have asked friends who give meditation sessions online and use a gong. Most have macbook. One said she has a Dell computer and windows but hasn't said which windows yet.  I still haven't figured it out, and don't know which laptop to  buy. I'm not a macbook person, as I'm used to windows, so still looking. If anyone else has a solution, would love to hear it. Thanks


Same piano lesson, teacher can hear voice but not music. Old laptop with Windows10 still works OK; new laptop with Windows11 does not.  Original sound for musicians is 'on.'  Tried using external mic but same issue.  Sent trouble ticket to Zoom and got answer that they could not help me (?)