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Waiting room not working


We are using a Pro account to host a seminar series, and the waiting room is not working at all. We activated it in the Settings, choosing "everyone will go in the waiting room."  When the core group of us met this morning, it did not work at all. I am testing it further this afternoon by checking the settings and starting a meeting, then joining the meeting via mobile from a different account. Still, no waiting room function.


We have 60+ paid participants joining a seminar series that starts tomorrow, and we really want this function to be in place.



Them Co-host

That doesn't seem to be it. I tried joining the meeting from my wife's computer and her account. She is not a co-host and is not connected to this seminar at all, and it let her in with no waiting room.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hey, @earlemonroe –


If your “core group” are all on your account (Pro, Business, or Enterprise) they can be set to  bypass the waiting room. 

See this Zoom Support article, especially section “Limitations of Waiting Room” which discusses bypassing the waiting room for some accounts. 


If you have followed all the proper steps in setting up a waiting room and still have issues that you think are system-induced, please contact Zoom Support at 

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