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Waiting room bypass not working


Hello to anyone who can assist.  I have edited the waiting room features by typing in the domain email address so that anytime there is a large meeting that involves our internal team and external guests, our internal team members are not in a waiting room.  However, they still seem to be placed in a waiting room and must wait for the host to join.  any insights as to why or what i am doing wrong?


Note Taker

Hi, JMistry

Depending on the situation, the cause will be different.
Are all the internal team members unable to bypass the waiting room?
If some members are, they may not have signed in to Zoom before joining.

If all members cannot bypass the waiting room, can the internal team members automatically move from the waiting room to the meeting when the host starts the meeting?
If they can, it is possible that they are not checked to join before the host.