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User continually having to reinstall Zoom client every time they start a meeting


Can someone please help? Every time one of my users has to start a Zoom meeting, whether hosting it or joining someone else's meeting, it forces them to redownload and reinstall the Zoom client. Running on a Windows machine using Google Chrome. As an online teacher, they are constantly going in and out of meetings, so this is eating up a good deal of their time. I've had them completely uninstall and reinstall without success. Multiple reboots of their computer haven't helped either. Does anyone know why this would happen and a way to make it stop happening? Any help at all is greatly appreciated. Haven't been able to find any articles or troubleshooting tips on this particular issue any where.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

It kind of sounds like somebody applied a security product on the computer that ensures and protects the baseline installation and configuration. Meaning it allows the installation of a software product during the current Windows session, but then either per a clock or shutdown/logoff it rolls the system back to the baseline.


This could be tested by having the individual install a different software product such as a simple text editing program and video player, then logoff/shutdown, restart/login and see if the software program is still there or not.


Jeff Widgren | Host of Zoom Test Kitchen