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Unable to log in b/c zoom says to "click allow on my other device" when I have no other device


When I attempt to log-in to zoom, I get "In order to verify...blah...blah, click on ALLOW on your other device"


I have no other devices.


he only way around it is generate a special code that is emailed to me. 


Why isn't my userid/psw sufficient to log into zoom and why is your ALLOW message so obtuse without any other options? I missed a meeting and was in a fit of rage b/c of this. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello @Tmanpdx,


It sounds like the Zoom account that you are using has a 2-Factor Authentication

process as part of the login. 


This is usually imposed by the account owner (i.e. your employer or school)


I would check with the organization that provided you the Zoom account for more details

as the 2-Factor Authentication could be via Zoom's 2FA or a 3rd party provider like Duo, Okta, RSA etc


Hope this helps!





Newl, that makes sense to me. Our situation is our account is our church account and any of our administrators members can use the account at their leisure. But when the last administrator has used the account, the next person who has a meeting has to get permission from the last admin to use it. It didn't use to do this. I'm going to go in and see if we have a 2 factor authentication because I think what I hear you saying is, a 2-factor authentication is what causes this.