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Unable to add Zoom Meeting using Outlook for Web Add-In on Mac OS X


I am unable to schedule a meeting in Outlook for Web on OS X


In the new event window, I click on the Zoom Add-in icon and experience one of two scenarios:

  1. Scenario 1: A new pop-up launches that remains empty (no text displayed) until eventually I am presented with a generic error. 
  2. Scenario 2: A new pop up asks for permission to open a new window. Upon granting permission, I am presented with the option to login to my Zoom account by entering my login credentials. After entering credentials and  clicking the submit button, I am presented with a new pop up asking for permission to open a new window. This cycle seems ready to repeat itself for as long as I am willing to keep going. 

I have the same experience across Chrome, Brave, Safari and Firefox browsers on my M1 Pro Mac. I can successfully complete this operation using Outlook for Web on Windows OS. 



Has this been solved? I am having the same issue.