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Unable connecting to zoom


Hello, I have trouble joining meetings via my macOs (Monterey Version 12.5.1). Zoom notifies me that I am unable to connect to zoom because of unstable connection. I searched what should I do to fix this problem, and then I uninstalled and reinstalled the zoom app again, but unfortunately the problem wasn't solved. In addition my brother has another mac and he can join meetings with no problems via the same network connection. I tried to compare network settings and privacy (proxies, Firewall...) between the two macs and there is no such a different between them. I am confused right now, I need that to work asap, so I would like to hear advices from you guys.

Thanks a lot, 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Fadijeries thank you for sharing the details on your issue and welcome to the community! 


First, I would try a speed test, something like, and compare results with your brother's speeds to determine you're ping latency. If you are running a higher ping or just not getting the speeds, I may consider going hard-wired; however, I know with Macs you'll need a doc if you have a laptop and not a Mac Desktop.  


Secondly, are you both connected to your same network, at the same frequency? Some routers support 2GHz and 5GHz bands, are you both connected to the same band? For example, you may see something like [wifiname]-5 or [wifiname]5g for 5GHz. OR, a 2GHz network could just be something like [wifiname]. Sometimes (depending on the router), will have this automatically configured, therefore, will switch bands automatically depending on how far you are from your router. 


Third, I would suggest updating your MacOS software, as well as your Zoom client to see if updating helps (if available updates). 


Try the following above, and let me know how that goes! If none of the following suggestions help or narrow down your issue; would love to further troubleshoot with you! Thanks!



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