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SubscriptionZoom sign off


I am a month to month Zoom "Pro" subscriber. I host a writers group. We had been getting unlimited time, Last Friday, the system shut us down after 45 minutes. I checked our credit card statement. We are paid up. What can I do?



Hi there, my name is Jon and I work for a Healthcare organization with paid Zoom account and have the same issue.

It seems to be caused by our Outlook plug in, we get the error in the attachment randomly through out our org. The fix seems to be going into the Desktop app, clicking on the avatar, scrolling down and signing out.

We use SSO for our login so your experience might be different but after the user signs back in they do not see the error again. 

This has been happening for some time but it is a simple fix for us so that is how we have been dealing with it. There is a setting that will force a sign out every so often, our admin accounts have in in place so we get prompted after 15 days? I think.