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Speaker does not work properly unless I disable microphone


I have a brand new laptop ASUS Vivobook S15 running Windows 11. The speakers are Realtek (R) and drivers are up to date. Both on Zoom app and using Zoom through a browser (Chrome), the sound quality from the laptop speakers is terrible - very low volume, scratchy sound, breaks up. 


For all other purposes (i.e. YouTube, games, websites), the speakers are perfect. At 100% volume they are very loud when tested through the computer settings. It is ONLY Zoom that has this problem. 


I searched these forums and through changing settings as discussed I discovered that if I disallow Zoom (and other desktop apps) access to the microphone, the speakers work fine. If I toggle the settings back to allow Zoom access to the microphone, the speakers work clear UNTIL I test the microphone. After that, they revert to the deeply unsatisfactory output already described. 


Sadly I need both the microphone and the speakers at the same time to work for Zoom. 


Please help!







In case anyone else has this problem I'll post the fix that worked for me. It was a setting within the "myASUS" app. I turned off "AI noise-canceling speaker". Things appear now to be working as expected. 


Also I apologize to Zoom as I discovered this problem was also happening with Webex. 


Thanks Kay - Had exactly this problem (hardware and software) and  I followed your suggestion. Just tried a Zoom meeting and it seems to have worked. Appreciate your following up with your own solution to your own problem.