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Slide Control


Are you able to use the slide control? I enable the feature, and I gave control to a participant nothing happens.



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Please make sure you are both using the minimum version for Windows and macOS. If they have not restarted the Zoom app on their end, please have them close it completely and then reopen. This should give them the slide control functionality on their end.

The same thing is happening to me. I have posted on this community site before. My colleagues and I have uninstalled and then reinstalled the Zoom app to be sure we're running the latest. The settings are turned on. I am able to assign control to my co-host but they never see the banner notification that they have been given control, and the slide controls never appear. We can't figure this out!


I’m having similar problems. Have there been any resolution to this as yet?

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

What sort of problems are you having @MikeT ?

I was aware of a few issues with the slide control feature at launch, but those should be resolved now. 

Hi Bort. We tested the feature internally in a practice run with colleagues and it work fine - all using PCs. Then came an event with external panellists and I shared from a Mac (with up to date app) and they came up as ‘available to share controls’ but the arrows on their bottom left of the shared screen weren’t active.  I later tried sharing with a device I knew had out of date  Zoom app, and saw that as presenter, I didn’t get the option to share with that share with that presenter. So, what I’m seeing is panellist a listed as OK to share controls to, but are then unable to control. Unfortunately, because we work with external panelist’s I’m unable to give you details of their devices or application version. 

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @MikeT 

I know there were some issues upon initial release with some accounts not being able to use the feature due to the server they were located on not having the feature enabled, but those issues were resolved within a week, so it should no longer be happening.

If you are still having issues with getting this to work consistently, I would advise contacting Zoom Support, so that you can get some more dedicated troubleshooting done and, if there is a persistent issue, our engineering teams can look into this and hopefully resolve any lingering issues. 


Two machines...

  • A: Windows 11, Host
  • B: Mac OS 12.1, Co-host
  • Both Zoom clients are at 5.9.3

With this setup, Slide Control was working beautifully. Yesterday I updated machine B to Mac OS 12.2 and slide control stopped working. Specifically, from machine B, I  check the host's name in slide control and then go full-screen with a Google Slides presentation. With MacOS 12.1, the slide control would activate for the host the moment the presentation went full-screen. This now doesn't happen with MacOS 12.2.

If I try it the other way round (share from machine A and grant slide control to the user on machine B), this works fine. So something's changed about Zoom's ability to detect a fullscreened presentation on Mac OS (would be my assumption).

More tests...


These things work correctly (Slide Control still works) from Machine B...

  • Hitting play with 'fullscreen' mode selected in Keynote
  • Going fullscreen from Google Slides in Safari

These things don't...

  • Hitting play in Keynote with 'windowed' mode selected and THEN hitting the green maximize button
  • Going fullscreen from Google Slides in Chrome


This is what I have recently found out too. This is unfortunate because I rarely present anything in full-screen mode now, given the need to access so many other tools, etc during virtual presentations. Therefore this "shared slide control" feature in Zoom is essentially meaningless for our organization at this point. If Zoom ever develops the ability to share slide control when I'm playing my keynote slides "In Window" mode this feature will be a major game-changer and huge benefit.