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Second Screen starts to flicker when screen sharing


I got a 4070 Ti recently and after I got the new card, whenever I screen share or have someone else screen share, my second monitor starts to flicker to black for a couple of seconds, come back online, then go back to black. If I don't have any windows open on the second screen it stops flickering. Sometimes the problem also persists after I restart my computer and I have to change my resolution in my Nvidia settings to native (1920x1080) and I have to change the refresh rate from 144hz to 120hz. I have no idea what is happening, but it happened again as I was writing this post, and it ruins my whole second monitor.



Check if the microphone, speakers, or headphones are plugged in and not muted. Unplug the device, then plug it back in. If it's a bluetooth device, ensure that it is turned on and connected properly. Make sure that you are using a supported USB device for Zoom.




Headphones work fine. I have powered off and on the monitor and unplugged the display port cable to no avail. It is not a USB device or bluetooth. It feels like you did not read what I wrote at all.



I can verify this fix does work. I have a 2070 Ti and was running at 144hz. Lowering down to 120hz fixes the constant flickering issue.