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Screen sharing problem and gallery view disappear


Hi all,


I am a Mac user. I have two questions.


1. When screen sharing with iPad through wifi, the shared screen appears on me, the host, and it does not appear on the participants. Their screens are black, saying that the host is sharing the screen.


2. On screen sharing, the gallery window disappears. 


Can any of you help me? Thanks in advance.




perhaps you are sharing copy protected video content. if you try and play video from a streaming service like Netflix, HBO, Prime, etc the content will not be seen while sharing. once you stop sharing the content should reappear on your screen. 

Thanks for the reply.


No, not at all. The app I tried to share has nothing to do with copy protection. It's a drawing app on iPad. Also, everything works perfectly well on my MacBook Air. The problem only arises on iMac.

is the app notability?

Yes. It's "Scribble."


I have solved the problem. I got it from an internet Korean Naver café.

Go to Systems Preferences > Sharing: Uncheck Airplay Receiver.




I have the same problem.  I'm on a PC not a Mac and I can't PIN my gallery so that it stays and I see my participants while on the screen.  This happens when I share a powerpoint presentation.  I'm a trainer and so I need to be able to see my participants' faces! Help!!

this sounds like a different issue. looks like you want to lock your gallery layout. im assuming this is in a meeting not a webinar and that you are the host. you can as the host arrange the gallery and have it save but if someone else joins or leaves the meeting it will adjust the gallery. 

the setting for save gallery view, log into your account page click settings- in meeting advanced - save gallery view. 



Thanks for your reply.  Tried this and it didn't fix the problem.  My problem relates to screen sharing of any kind.  When I share, the floating thumbnail of the room disappears and I can't get it back.  See these screenshots.  Snip 3 & 4 is what my screen looks like when I'm not sharing.