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Resizing of display names


 Dear community, I'm new here and unfortunately not particularly well versed in Zoom. I don't know if I'm in the right place here, but now I'll put my question to you. My in-laws use Zoom on the TV, everything is going well. The only problem is the display names of the people are a bit too small on the TV. The solution doesn't mean moving the TV closer, because that doesn't work that way. Is there a way to increase the names, maybe a mod or something similar. Does anyone know what? I would be grateful for any hint. Thank you and best regards




I know there is the screen magnifier for windows 11 or the possibility to run zoom via a browser and change the zoom factor there. Ctrl + or Ctrl and mouse wheel scroll. The scrolling itself should probably even work in the Zoom app. But my question is, is there a mod that doesn't allow you to zoom in on parts of the screen or the entire screen, only the display names of the people. Does anyone know anything about it?