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Registration for a Meeting with Multiple Capped Session Options


Hello, I'm looking to host a few meetings (not webinars) with multiple date/time options that requires attendees to register for 1 of the available options. I've figured out how to create a meeting with registration, and I can click 're-occurring' then once saved, I can manually add additional dates/time options. I know I can cap registration but how can I cap each 'reoccurrence'? What we'd like to do is have 1 registration form where someone can pick a date/time that works for them, but we want each occurrence to be capped. e.g. if the event has sessions available on July 1 at 8am, July 8 at 8am, July 10 at 8am, and we want each of these 3 sessions to be capped at 10 people (but overall cap would be 30). Is there a way to do this? In other works, when I insert a registration cap of e.g. 10 - does it cap registration total or each occurrence at 10?