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Recurring meeting invitation question


I'm confused about the invitation people receive for a recurring meeting; not being able to find any specific guidance in any tutorials. I'm going to offer a weekly coaching meeting for people who buy my online course. It will be an ongoing weekly meeting. So if I set it to recurring, and it asks for how many occurrences, if i put a lot in (like 52, as in ongoing) I'm really not crazy about them getting that long list of all the dates in the invite. That seems really confusing. And I don't understand the connection to the calendar; I set google calendar, and I see it appear in my my google calendar for the number of weeks I set the occurrences for. Does that go in the invitee's calendar also? I certainly would not want to cram up their calendar with all those. If I don't make it recurring, does that mean I would need to create a new meeting every week? I want to be able to have one link to send out when they purchase, have a password included with it , and be able to use that every week.  


Community Champion

Yes, the reoccurring meeting should show up on other people's calendar once they accepted it. What I would suggest it maybe setup a reoccurring meeting per week and instead of a long reoccurring one that is all rolled into one. If you setup your meetings at a re-occurring meeting per week I think it would be easier to manage any further changes in the future. I suggest you setup reoccurring meeting weekly then the next week you can also setup already another one but this time just put your own account only so it appears only on your calendar. Once you have the list of people who enrolled the 2nd week you can  just edit that week's reoccurring invite and add the people who will join it.

Here's a support article about reoccurring meetings. https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/214973206-Scheduling-recurring-meetings

Thanks for the response. I've been on the road past several days moving so haven't been able to address this. Sttled now and need to get my head back into this. I have a few questions for clarification: 1)  I think I get it about not setting up numerous instances of the meeting so it doesn't make the invitation link look confusing and mess up people's calendars (correct?) . I'm not quite following why you make it a reoccurring meeting if you don't have more than one instance. Bottom line what I want is to be able to give people a link with a password to enter, ongoing. I think that's pretty common, correct?  Then I also wasn't quite following about setting up another meeting and for only my account but editing it after 2nd week. I don't think I want to get into having to add/edit invitees ongoing. Again, my purpose here is for people to receive login info for weekly group call when they purchase my course. I would think I'd be able to set this up so I don't have to edit anything weekly, correct? Thanks!


I also don't understand the calendar part; namely my calendar versus invitees calendars. I checked google caleendar because that's what calendar I use. But as you say, it should show up on invitees calendars. I don't get it—do you check all three calendar options? 


Just watched a video that showed setting recurring meeting up in app doesn't require setting number of instances. I don't see a way to avoid that on the browser version. What's the difference? 

On the app, once you set it as a reoccurring meeting, it will show you this message.


You would need to update the actual calendar invite of the reoccurring times via your calendar service (Google Calendar, Outlool, Ical, etc) or you can also view it in the portal under Meetings > Upcoming > scroll down to the bottom and you will see "reoccurring"



Here's where I'm at: I created a reoccurring meeting, set to 1 instance. Checked google calendar (as that's what I use. Required first time only registration. Copied link and password (which i assume I would put in email I send to new members at the time they purchase my course), opened incognito window and pasted link in browser. It opened to a registration page, I entered my name and email, did the captcha, hit register, and it gave me a link to the meeting. When I clicked on that it opened directly into the meeting (which was set for 11am tomorrow) . I'm guessing it opened directly because I am the host of the meeting? That all seems good up to that point (only shows up in my calendar 1x); questions I have now are about that meeting being open, when do I hit that blue "start meeting"  button on thee edit page, is that meeting just always open when set this way? Anything I should do differently? Also, I noticed it didn't ask for the passcode; I'm guessing that's because it says MAY need passcode or if the have the link they don't need it (?) And then next time they use the same link they'll go straight there without the registration step?

Now I'm wondering if I should set it as recurring No Fixed Time which perhaps allow me to start the meeting myself every week; and just notify attendees of the time manually and let them put it in their calendar? (I'm thinking this can't be so complicated; i just don't know how to articulate my thoughts and don't understand directions given. I just want to be able to automatically give people a link to join an ongoing zoom meeting)