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Recording and transcripts or captions


I have used Zoom for several listening sessions and always record. I have a Zoom Pro account. Previously I have found that transcripts (captions) are provided automatically when recording. This is what Zoom information suggests.

During my last two meetings, one was missing the first 13 minutes of transcript (and I think this is the point where I asked for live captioning) and the other from yesterday produced a recording but no transcript/captions.

In my advanced settings I have enabled captions.

I know there is some lag time in providing the transcript, which may account for my meeting from yesterday. I am perplexed as to why I have an incomplete transcript from two days ago.

Has something changed in Zoom permissions or setting with regard to transcripts? I have a meeting from Monday (today is Friday) and the transcript is fine. I did not change anything about the meeting or settings between then and yesterday.



Had this problem too. No transcripts. We recorded the meeting for the purpose of transcripts as a disability accommodation. Anyone figure out what to do?


I paid for another software program - the transcribe function of Quirkos qualitative analysis software - to get the transcripts I needed. I advised others to make sure they ask for captions during the meeting, and then view captions and copy/paste that file. I no longer trust Zoom to do this correctly and it is sort of disappointing since I paid with my own money, not provided by my business, for Zoom pro.