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Push to talk produces keyboard error clicks


When I use push to talk, the spacebar produces error beeps repeatedly as long as I press down. Participants can hear me but they also hear the tones--like I have a woodpecker in the room. Mac OS, Mac Zoom app. Can anyone think of a setting I'm missing? No caps lock, no num lock selected.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @JoelF, great to hear that your push-to-talk is working! The holding of your spacebar had me thinking it may be your sticky keys... You can Turn off Toggle or Sticky Keys:

1. Click Start
2. Choose Settings
3. Select Ease of Access
4. Click Keyboard
5. Find Toggle Keys, slide it let to turn it off. Find Sticky Keys, slide it let to turn it off

Zoom Community Moderator

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