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Pronouns should not be an admin setting!


It's baffling why zoom would let organizations control whether or not users can display their pronouns. It should be an automatic option for each user to control. Zoom needs to work on supporting inclusivity letting every user decide if they want to share their pronouns or not.  


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @TinaP,


Some organizations may want the option to exclude the specific listing of pronouns. I’m not saying I would agree with that choice, but some organizations want that, so the Enable option is there and can be disabled. See this Zoom Support article for details:

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I understand that it’s a setting- I just don’t think it should be. At a very minimum it should default to on, so someone has to proactively decide to not have an inclusive culture- even though our organization is very inclusive the person with access to the settings didn’t know they needed to change the settings. I use the pronouns that match my gender assigned at birth, and display them as a sign of support for others- so I didn’t feel uncomfortable communicating with our account administrator about the option to change the setting- but for many using gender neutral pronouns or pronouns that don’t align with their gender at birth- expecting them to do the emotional labor of advocating for a simple change that supports them is wrong.

zoom’s article when they launched the feature was like “yay us, we’re so inclusive, but we’ll enable your organization to not be, and default to letting them suppress your use of pronouns”     


If you are using Zoom to teach English - using "they" when everyone in the class knows who we are talking about - and then Zoom has the audacity to use words like "theys" - it becomes less than useful. I've even come across theyselves in the Zoom summary. Seriously? Let's stop so hard to be woke and get back to proper grammar.