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Problems connecting to Zoom with new update

Does anyone else have problems connecting to Zoom with the latest update (whether by their app/software or via the web)? It says it installed successfully and does open but then I cannot seem to connect when trying people's Zoom links and get this (or if I try using the web, I get kicked out). I'm told it might be my ancient MacBook, but the Zoom download page doesn't indicate any minimum specs required. Which version (by date of release) I should go back to if this is the case?

See screenshots for my computer's specs and the prompt I get when trying to use a Zoom meeting link.




Since the last update Zoom no longer recognizes by speaker. All my other apps do, just not Zoom. I have to call into the meetings and mute my PC microphone in order to participate. Does anyone know how to fix this?


We are having the same issues with all endpoint devices. When joining a meeting we get the "Connecting" spinning circle constantly. This is happening early mornings and evenings from Work or Home.


Hi, Is this issue still happening for you ? Have you reached out to support? 

 I am seeing exactly the same

Are you using SSO?




I am having very frustrating similar problems ever since doing the last upgrade pop up announcement.  I never had lag or freezing happen, but now it's happening all the time from my end.  Clients see skips, lags, freezing but audio is ok.  I tried calling support (I have a paid subscription for work!) and was blown off twice with "accidental phone disconnects" after waiting to talk to someone for at least 20-30 minutes!  I tried doing a chat for tech support and was told I didn't have a paid subscription when I've been paying for it with auto draft for almost two years now!!!  I am so infuriated!!!  I wish there was another product/company to use because their customer support for paying customers is HORRIBLE.  Any suggestions on how to fix this?  I've tried rebooting and that's about all I can come up with.  It is definitely something to do with this last update they gave us!!!