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Problem with Zoom Android SDK integration


My application uses TensorFlowLite library. And I want to add a Zoom Android SDK, but i got a problem of duplicating files:

2 files found with path 'lib/arm64-v8a/' from inputs:
- /zoomtest/dependencies/mobilertc/build/.transforms/351c5d94fe06d53d53e7f1b1cc2fa5e2/transformed/mobilertc/jni/arm64-v8a/
- /.gradle/caches/transforms-3/2b2676791d20bed97ecf782ed5d9c783/transformed/tensorflow-lite-gpu-2.5.0/jni/arm64-v8a/

Also I tried to add `pickFirst` to my build.gradle file:

packagingOptions {
pickFirst 'lib/arm64-v8a/'
pickFirst 'lib/arm64-v8a/'

and it doesn't help me, because I got  exception during runtime process, that native method wasn't found.

Any ideas, how to solve it? Which version of TensorFlowLite do you use in your SDK? Is it possible to add appropriate version of TensorFlowLite to project and add `pickFirst` to build.gradle file and after this build and run project without errors?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

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