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Problem using Zoom on Amazon Fire Tablet


For the last couple of years, I've had no trouble using an Amazon Fire Tablet for Zoom in connection with Meetup, but for the last 3 meetings or so I can't join our meetings at all, despite using the latest version of both Zoom and FireOS. My other device is a second generation iPhone SE, I can always join using THAT but both the battery life and screen size are tiny. Now what happens is kind of interesting, the tablet goes into the waiting room OK, and the host is able to put me into the meeting AS FAR AS the other members are concerned...and in fact I can see the "other" instance of myself if I'm also joining over the iPhone copy of the Zoom app, but I DON'T ever actually join with the tablet instance (from what I can see on the tablet), the tablet gets stuck I think with the message "connecting" but it never actually does connect that the tablet can see! Please note this IS the Amazon version of Zoom NOT the Android one, I wouldn't expect that to work! I'm thinking that something was recently changed because as I said I never used to have this problem, can you just track down the changes that were made that were likely only to affect the Fire tablet? I think this is a reasonably thorough bug report, I would certainly expect this bug to be reproducible from my description, thank you!



Having the exact same problem. I eventually uninstalled the amazon Zoom app, but it doesn't show up at all now to  install thru Amazon appstore.


OK, just found out for my case, my operating system is too old now to support Zoom. Bummer.

Just an FYI for others, if you have data or wifi for your old fire tablet, you can still log on to a meeting through the browser instead of the app that no longer works for older operating systems.