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Problem since 2 week while using zoom with 4G


since 2 week while using zoom meeting to record my on line courses I meet several problems : 

1/  my micro makes strange noises

2/  my connection is instable, and spot while recording.


si I am confused because before that it was ok

but since the two last weeks (approximatively) my reseau swich off as soon as I start using zoom.


I check the volume of  data that I can use per month and and don’t use a lot of date so I don’t think it is the problem.


dors any of you had the same issue??


thank for tour helps



Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

Hi Flocavy


I think you need to check your Zoom application's updates if you go to,

Also you could check your windows/mac updates and the sound drivers updates.


In case of the issue still exist we highly recommend creat a support ticket.

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