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Problem logging in. Error message appears when logging in: http 401 error


I have been using zoom since last year for my online classes. Yesterday, I had problems logging in to my zoom account. After typing in my email address and password, a message popped up "http 401 error". This continued for a few minutes. I tried logging in again from a different computer and the same message appeared. About 1 hour later, I tried logging in once again and I was able to (thankfully my class could go on).


However, I experienced this same problem again just a few minutes ago. The same error message appeared: http 401 error. The problem persisted for a few more minutes. After those few minutes, I am finally  able to log in.


I'm wondering if there is any  reason for this problem? It stresses me out because I rely 100% on zoom to conduct my online classes and without being able to log in, it will be a major issue in carrying out my teaching work. I have never had this problem before and when it occurred yesterday for the first time, I was really taken aback by it.


Does anyone else experience this problem?



Hi Cherilyn


 Since the beginning of November I have the same problem. Every time I want to sign in, appears Http 401 error and I need to reset my password. Very annoying.


I tried to have some help from "Custom support", but it is only a robot answering and in their error possibilities, they don't mention 401.


I am like you, I don't know what to suggest or do either. Hopefully somebody from Zoom will read this post and help us.


I tried again today and still not able to. When the problem first started, I could log in after a few minutes of not being able to. But it has become progressively worse since yesterday. Frustrating.


Hi I have the same problem. When I go in to sign into my zoom account I get a 401 error. It has been going on all day. I have tried shutting my computer down and restarting. I have tried using a different browser but nothing works. I need zoom for work and I have a paid account. I do not know why this is happening or how to contact zoom to sort it out. 

I tried again today and still unable to. I'm still getting that 401 error message. My colleague's account faces the same problem. 

Note Taker

Are you referring to signing into the Zoom App or the Zoom Web Portal when encountering the issue?

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***Sometimes success is only achieved through many failures!***

Zoom web portal.  I have been signing in using the zoom web portal since March last year. There was never a problem signing in until 2 days ago. I normally sign in to zoom using Chrome. 

1. Have you tried clearing your browser's cookies?

2. Is your company using SSO?

3. Do you sign into Chrome itself and or Google services using a different email that Zoom uses?


Please remember to mark responses as accepted if they resolve your issue.
***Sometimes success is only achieved through many failures!***