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Problem connecting to meeting


I am subscribed to a reoccurring meeting. I registered with Zoom and received an email from Zoom with the meeting link. I also received a meeting ID and passcode. However, when I attempted to join, i just received a message stating “Host has joined. We let them know you’re here.” But i never am actually admitted to the meeting. I tried for 2.5 hours and missed the whole meeting. I emailed the host and he has know idea what the problem is. He acts like he doesn’t individually admit people joining the meeting. If you have the link, you should get in automatically. Is this correct? Why can’t I automatically join the meetings? 

any help would be appreciate, thank you.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

One thing I am sure of from your description is that your host has enabled the waiting room. Participants will then be placed in the waiting room before joining the meeting and must be manually admitted by the host or co-host. Is this your first time attending this meeting? Has this happened before?


However, when the waiting room is enabled, some people may be exempt from entering (i.e., they can bypass it), as set by the host. One is that the participant and the host belong to the same Zoom account. The other exception is for participants with Zoom accounts in the domain specified by the host. While others still need to enter the waiting room. Refer to the "How to configure waiting room options" section in Enabling and customizing the Waiting Room – Zoom Support. That's all I could find.


Of the three security options, including enabling a waiting room, a password, or only authenticated users can join the meeting, Zoom only requires the host to turn on one of them at most, so your host does not have to enable a waiting room if a meeting password is set. Your host may not be aware of this situation, so you may ask him to check that the waiting room is disabled if he wants people to enter the meeting directly with just the meeting ID and password.


It can be embarrassing to wait in the waiting room for a long time, hoping that the host will let you in, but the host doesn't seem to notice you for a long time. In our first year with Zoom, this was not uncommon. One classmate even experienced waiting for more than ten minutes after the class had started, and the teacher didn't let him into class. He had to call the school and ask the staff to notify the teacher before he was finally noticed and allowed in. So, mate, don't panic.