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Printing Audio Transcripts


I have a link to a recording with an audio transcript recorded on the .gov platform with shared screen speaker view.

I want to create an audio transcript that I can print and read through and highlight while I am watching the meeting.

In the past, I have been able to cut and paste the text from the transcript into a google doc or a Word doc or a text doc. 

With this recording, I can copy a sentence or so at a time. The meeting is over 2 hours - and that is just not a good solution.


I have tried to cut and paste the transcript from 4 different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge) into Google docs, Word, and TextEdit. 

Is there a solution? 

My process is:

1.  cut and paste the audio transcript into a document

2. skim the transcript,

3. cut the sections I don’t need,

4. print the transcript,

5. read it through again, highlighting the sections I am interested in, 

6. watch the recording while reading along with the document.


Thanks in advance!