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My recording was Highjacked


Hosting a meeting today I authorized recording only to find out it was not my recording. Asked Zoom to access the recording so that I could share with meeting participants. Zoom was of no help. A meeting recorded on my ID and hosted by me should be available to me. Just sayin


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @dbrown1.


If you were the meeting owner and you recorded to the Cloud, it should be in your recordings.  If you were not the owner of the meeting but had become the Host, either you recorded to the Cloud and it will be in the meeting owner’s account, or you recorded locally and the recording will be on your device. 

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Thanks Ray, not my first rodeo. Understand how recordings work. My issue is the meeting settings allowed some other than the meeting owner (which was me) record the meeting. Zoom will not allow me access to the recording. Thanks 

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Look, I’m trying to help.  Most of us Zoom Community Champions are customers — volunteers here with no access to your account.  And the employers and partners who frequent this space likely don’t have access with their regular jobs either. In order to help you, we’re probably going to ask questions that sound stupid or redundant to you. Simple, complete answers are helpful.  Please work with me here, or ask politely that I don’t help you – I’ll respect that.


You say you authorized recording – how was that done? Do you know if it was on the Cloud or might it have been a local recording? If you can’t access a recording, what evidence do you have that a recording was actually made? You apparently made a Support Ticket with Zoom and they were “No help” – what did they actually say?


If you can share some of this with me (even with a private message if there’s sensitive data involved) that will help me figure out how access might be able to be granted. 


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Apologize if my frustration spilled into my reply. I am the owner of the meeting. At the start of the meeting instead of me initiating a cloud recording I agreed to the recording as it appeared in a message box in my meeting. Accept or deny. I accepted and the red recording button as well as the audio message initiating recording happened. 
I subsequently sought help from Zoom including sending them a screenshot showing my meeting was being recorded. They will not give me access to the recording of my meeting which I distribute to the meeting participants weekly after our meetings. I believe my meeting settings allow another participant to hit record? It was not a co-host. The recording is not in my cloud or on my computer. I thought it fair that Zoom would use my meeting ID to assist me in locating the recording. They said they could not do that. Check your settings folks. I have been hosting many zooms weekly for the last couple of years and this is a first for me. I believe I should have access to that meeting recording. 

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I know working with support can be frustrating -- it is often for me as well!  This is one reason I spend a good bit of time here in the Zoom Community.  Take a look at my stats. 😎


Thanks for the additional details -- very helpful. I'll explain what I think happened...


The prompt you saw was from a participant who initially clicked the Recording button, which then prompted the user with this prompt:


They then clicked "Send Request", you got this prompt:


... where you clicked "Allow Recording".


What has happened here, since the participant was not the host or co-host, is that their only possible permission to record would be Locally.  Only the Host and any Co-Hosts can initiate a Cloud recording, which is always stored in the Cloud under the account of the meeting's owner. 


So when you granted permission to record, the user clicked the Record button again, which initiated the recording Locally on their computer.


What you saw on your screen was this:


The round dot indicates that recording is occurring by someone Locally (to their machine), but there is no Cloud recording in progress.  If you were to look at the Participant's window, you'd see the round red dot recording symbol next to any participants who are recording Locally, as is the case in my test meeting for my attendee "Zoom 1":



If you (or any Co-Host) were to subsequently start a Cloud recording as I did:

Ray_Harwood_6-1690401977166.png'd see the Cloud Recording  icon red dot beside all hosts and co-hosts' names, while the Local recording circle still shows for those recording Locally:


... and the icon in the upper left corner would look like this:



I hope that explanation helps you understand more about the Cloud and Local recording process and indications.


The bottom line for you is that the Local Recording that was made is on the computer of the person that recorded it... and nobody but that person can give you access to it.


Let me know if you have any questions!

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