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My app keeps disappearing


First of all I just gotta say I am not impressed. Trying to make it do what I want was one thing but trying to get help- geesh, it's almost not worth it.


I downloaded the app for Kahoot from the Zoom apps page and it worked great for a day or two. Then disappeared. I don't have the apps icon on my screen- I assume because the app disappeared. Is there a way to make sure these don't keep disappearing? Alternatively, if someone could tell me the quick way to download an app when it disappears for no apparent reason, I'd appreciate it. I mean if it doesn't work and no one knows how to fix it that's okay, I'm just wondering how to keep installing it.




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I might guess that your Zoom account is a sub-account to a master account, and that there is a master admin that is getting notified when you install a ZoomApp and is removing access to it. Just a guess, but worth checking into.

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Jeff Widgren | Host of the Zoom Test Kitchen


I will check that out but K now it's not a sub account. I set it up and I'm paying for it. I logged in today and the Apps button was there but my one app, Kahoot!, was gone again. I'm assuming this is a constant problem that cannot be fixed but at least today I was able to reinstall Kahoot!. I just dread getting into a position where I am saying that in my meeting we are going to do something we cannot so I now have to figure out what to do in the event the app does not work which I guess would just be give a link in chat so that we can all go play outside of Zoom. If that were the case, I'd really have no reason to be paying for Zoom. Oh well. I'll give it one shot