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Muting mic mutes shared audio


I have just started having a problem. I share a video (YouTube say), have checked both buttons on the share button page (share audio and optimise) and it seems to share ok, video and sound. But if I mute my mic it kills the shared audio. Also the volume of shared audio sent varies with my local volume control. If I turn down local volume the zoom recipients hear it quieten. Normally the local volume is detached from transmitted shared audio. To reduce volume on the shared audio I move the volume slider on the YouTube window. 

So the shared sound seems to come from the local sound channel rather than the video source. That’s a change. 

Additionally the sound recipients receive is poor quality with pips and sputs. I have to turn on ‘original’ sound to bypass sound processing to make the video sound be presentable audible.


The platform is a windows 10 pc, the zoom has been upgraded to 5.12,2 and has not changed anything. The problem is the same, a mic mute during an audio visual share kills the shared sound. 

another observation is that a video clip audio is shared anyway without needing to activate the shared button. If I play YouTube in a separate window then it’s audio is sent out to other recipients before I actually click to share the YouTube window. It’s as though the YouTube sound is actually being sent via the mic channel. This explains why the ‘original’ sound as to be on. Music from YouTube via the mic channel is affected by the noise filters. But a YouTube clip of talking is fine. It seems the YouTube output is just sent to the mic channel instead of sent in parallel to it.