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Our non-profit has a zoom pro license.  We would like to have other people besides myself to host meetings within our organization.  Is this possible with our Pro License?  Or do I always need to host meetings with different groups with our organization.  Thank you in advance for your help!





Same question.



I have the same question. From my research is sounds like they use to allow you do have 10 licenses when you bought the pro plan. And you could have up to 10 people hosting meetings under that license. But from what I've found it looks like they're gouging users by requiring an additional license purchased for each user at no discount. Zoom is getting Cocky. You don't even get a phone number to call support unless you pay extra. 

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Zoom is licensed by the user.  Sharing your account with others is a violation of the Zoom  EULA.  Your organization will need to have a license for each person who wants to host meetings that are more than 40 minutes. Zoom free accounts have limitations such as the time constraint.

Each licensed user can host their own individual meetings as the same time.  As long as the meetings are on different user accounts you are fine.  However, if you are trying to launch two meetings assigned to the same user this will not work.



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