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Multiple entries for single RECURRING meeting, specific time.


Recently Zoom changes make it impossible (for me) to find how to set up Recurring meetings as before.  If I do not use "Recurring" in Zoom, but in my G. calendar, it does NOT feed back to Zoom (as it did in the past) to make it recurring.

However, if I do make it "Recurring" in Zoom, then it copies the entry for EVERY MEETING (duplicates the entry in my meetings list - both online and in the app) rather than putting them under a SINGLE entry as in the past, under Recurring.  I cannot even get the new "recurring" entries to show up under "Recurring".  

Driving me crazy!  I have to now join these classes (I teach online) through my calendar, not through Zoom.  Please respond!  I see multiple entries on this question, none of which have been answered. 



I use recurring meetings for regular meetings with individuals. I’m having the same problem and it’s driving me crazy can somebody please reply.