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Merging Multiple Pro Accounts


Hello - we are a small, young company. We currently have three employees all paying for their Pro accounts separately. We want to merge the accounts under one umbrella to have three licenses + one large meeting add on to one of the accounts. A few questions:


1. Most importantly, will the current meetings and invites already scheduled for the future of each of the three Pro  accounts be disrupted after consolidated? All the invite links currently deployed should remain active and with all the Pro functions, correct?

2. The process, as I understand it, would be to have the lead account Add User + User Licensed Type. But then does the lead account needs to purchase licenses ahead of time because right now it says 0 licenses available. What is the process after getting to Add Users tab?

3.  Is it possible for only one of the users to have the Large Meeting add on, without having the head account have the add on as well?

4. Is it possible for all the sub user accounts to have full access settings? Hopefully just because it is an added user doesn't mean there are limited functions.


Thank you in advance!


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @VVCad! Could you please contact our billing team about this at They will be able to assist in letting you know your available options 🙂


Thank you!


Zoom Community Team