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Interpreter issues - interpreter dialog not showing any names


Hi, recently we started a webinar with the interpretation feature.


We already assign some interpreters with their respective emails in the webinar, but when the webinar started and they login using the email, some of them still joining as normal attendance and some can automatically joining as panelist but not become interpreter, even tough we already start the language interpretation.

We also try to add them manually with manage language interpretation, but when we click the name, nothing showed up, even though they already in the panelist side.

Please help with this issue.

Thank you.



@DanielR  are you still experieiencing this issue?


You raised several issues here;

1. Interpreters do not get assigned automatically

2. Some Interpreters get logged in as panelists and some as participants

3. Adding panelists to Interpreter list (giving them the role of an Interpreter)


Generally it sounds that you have configured the webinar with compalsory registration and / or authentication of participants/panelists.


1. If you want an Interpreter to be be allocated into the booth immediately after he/she logs in, then the Interpreter must be logged into his zoom account (with the same email account that he/she receives the link as an Interpreter) BEFORE he signs into the webinar

2. This usually happens when an Interpreter fills in the ZOOM generated registration form as a participant to register for the event. Zoom then puts them into the participant role.

3. The mannual allocation of Interpreters to the list requires that the Interpreter is a panelist. and that the language combination has been defined properly. The list of panelists to choose from can be quite long, so you need to scroll down untill you find your interpreter....otherwise, just start typing the Interpreters name and he/she should appear in a shortlist as a result of the search. Just keep in mind, that the name that the Interpreter joins the meeting may be different from the name you know the Interpreter by!

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Will this allow the interpreter to be in the recording?