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Installing and re-installing Zoom on Windows 11 and updating it.


Windows 11 has a Microsoft Store that allows Zoom to be installed as an App.

1.  Is the preferred installation method using the Microsoft Store or a direct download?


2.  @ClaraA listed an uninstall option, "Please install this CleanZoom app on your computer. This will uninstall the Zoom client completely from your computer. Here is the link:", does this uninstall a Microsoft Store App also?


3.  This issue started when I was checking for updates on the Microsoft Store, which showed that all installed app were updated.  Then when I checked using SUMo it told me there was an update available.  I then opened Zoom, clicked on the upper right icon and checked for updates.  I was then provided a 5.13 update which I installed and when I restarted Zoom went to update again and was provided a 5.14 update.  As a side note my IOS devise was updated to Zoom 5.14.2 on April 5, 2023.


4.  This is being posted in Meetings because I found no technical location to post it.

5.  After searching Zoom and Community.Zoom for technical information many posts with issues on running Zoom were told to uninstall (some listed the special tool, see #2. above) and reinstall.  This will often repair a Zoom installation that was corrupted by other software.  Zoom has been the most reliable meeting software I have used.