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How to change my log in name


I used to have a Zoom paid account as president of our local photo club, and my Zoom meeting login name was club. I transferred this to another committee member, and now use my personal but unpaid Zoom account for logging in to other personal meetings. But my name still comes up as club, and I have to change it after logging in, to my real name. How can I get it permanently changed?


Thanks,   Richard Stern


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @rb_stern 


Are you logging in to meetings that you were already registered for under your previous account?





I have the same problem! My work has a Zoom account and my son has a Zoom account on my computer with his school. Now, even though I deleted my account and changed my password, my son's name still comes up when I log into a work Zoom call.

Hi, I should update - actually, it was my fault as I was logged in under a different name on my phone versus my computer. Dumb user syndrome on my part!