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How to block bots like firefliesai notetaker


How do I block bots like notetaker from my calls? How are these bots not wiretapping???



There are several companies using AI Notetaker bots to join as participants and help users take notes/transcribe meetings (, Chorus, Gong, Otter, etc) They have been super popular and personally for me very handy. 


If you don't want an AI notetaker bot to join meetings:
1. If you are the host of the meeting, turn on waiting rooms so that you can choose who to let in (and who not to)
2. You can also remove the notetaker bots from the meeting just like you would kick out a participant

3. You can ask the host/user to clarify why they are using the notetaker (the onus is on the user to disclose) 

4. Also double check  if you are a user on any of these platforms or if you accidentally signed up and have it enabled.

5. I know that Fireflies has a setting where if you have an account you can prevent it from joining meetings automatically by selecting an option that says join only when I invite. 



Okay so after a lot of hunting I found it. You will need to head to friesfiles own web page and login and then delete your account. It is in your calendar and following you. This stuff is like a plague. It got in to a few accounts of my users and one user selected the wrong thing and its started to join and record all meetings for every user in the company. start here follow the prompts and then when you are in go to the settings option on the left side. Near the bottom is the option to delete your account.